Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Play Food - FREE Felt Food Whoopie Pie Pattern!

Here in Pennsylvania, Chocolate Whoopie pies are very popular and here in my household...that is no exception! I decided to make some whoopie pies out of felt for my little grand daughters play food collection that she uses in her play kitchen. These whoopie pies are super easy to make and you can hand sew or machine sew them together.

Felt Whoopie Pies:
chocolate brown and white craft or wool felt
brown and white embroidery floss with needle
small amount of stuffing

Pattern: I made my own from a piece of paper. You will need two 3 1/4" diameter circles cut from chocolate brown felt.

From brown felt, cut out two circles with each one measuring 3 1/4" in diameter. From white felt cut a strip that measures 1/4" by the circumferece of your circle...my strip measures 1/4" by 10 3/4" long. You will also need a strip cut from brown felt that measures 1/4" by 10 3/4" long. Using 2 strands of brown floss, handstitch the brown strip to one of your brown circles. Once you have it attached, handstitch the other edge of the strip to the other brown circle. Right before you close it up, insert some stuffing and then finish your stitching. For the white icing aka vanilla filling...you can hand sew it onto the whoopie pie around the sides or do what I did and that was just glue it on with some tacky glue. Isn't the whoopie pie cute? LOL

Very quick and easy project that little girl's would love to have these felt foodie items for their kitchen play sets. Great items for creative fun!

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