Thursday, November 25, 2010

Play Food - FREE Felt Fudgesicles Popsicles Pattern!

If you have been following my craft will have noticed that I love making play food aka felt food for my little grand daughters kitchen set. Today I am posting my next installment which is how to make popsicles or in this to make fudgesicles out of craft felt. This project is really easy to do and you can make one in less than 1 hours time. You can hand sew or machine sew the popsicle together...choice is yours! You can change the colors of your felt to make a variety of popsicle flavors...use peach or light orange to make creamsicles or use purple or lime green to make summer popsicles.

Felt Popsicles:
1 sheet of craft or wool felt (I used brown so I could make a fudgesicle)
1 wooden popsicle stick (washed & dried)
small piece of quilt batting that is 1/4" thick
small amount of craft glue
brown embroidery floss & needle if sewing by hand or brown thread if machine sewing

Pattern: I drew my own from a sheet of paper. You can trace around a normal sized popsicle to get the shape and size right.

From brown felt, cut 2 front and backs for your popsicle. For the sides, you will want to cut a strip from brown felt that measures 1/4" by the entire circumference of your popsicle. Using 2 strands of embroidery floss, stitch the long strip to the front of your popsicle felt piece using tiny little stitches, leaving the bottom of the popsicle open. Using 2 strands of brown floss, stitch the back piece to the long strip, again leaving the bottom open. Using scissors, cut a very small slit the width of your wooden popsicle stick in the strip of felt that runs across the bottom of your popsicle. Place the quilt batting inside the popsicle shape. Place some craft glue onto the wooden popsicle stick and insert it up through the slit in the felt so that 2/3 of the stick remains out. Using 2 strands of brown floss, handstitch the bottom together and let dry.
You can make these in any color combination that you want and it's a great way to reuse wooden popsicle sticks that you normally throw out. You can find more felt food aka play food patterns on my blog -----> HERE

Happy Crafting!!!

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