Saturday, November 20, 2010

Handpainted Silverware Spoons Christmas Ornaments

I love going out and browsing and shopping our local fall craft shows as it always gets me into the holiday shopping & crafting mood. I was fortunate enough to visit 2 local craft shows in the past 3 weeks and I noticed a big trended here in our area.

I saw a lot of artists and crafters displaying their handpainted silverware spoon ornaments and customers were snatching them up pretty quickly. Since I love Cardinals, I decided to purchase this cardinal ornament.

As you can see, the crafter/artist handpainted the design on the back of a tablespoon and did an excellent job with it. (personally, I stink at painting LOL). If you look a little closer, you will notice that they bent over the handle of the tablespoon so that you can hang it onto your holiday tree as an ornament.

I think its a really cute idea and a great way to reuse (repurpose) old silverware teaspoons and tablespoons!

Happy Crafting!

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