Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review - Simply Spray Fabric Paints Tie Dye Tshirt

A few months ago I was contacted by the folks over at Simply Spray Fabric Paints to see if I would be interested in reviewing their fantastic fabric paints and being the avid crafter that I am, I said yes!

They sent me numerous Simply Spray Fabric Paints to try out with some of my crafting projects. The first thing I decided to make was a tie-dye T-shirt for my nephew C who is really into tie-dye items.

First off let me say...I have never used this product until now and boy oh boy, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these fabric paints are to use. You simple shake them up and then remove the protective tab and then lightly spray your fabric items. I love that the colors are so vibrant!

I went to my local craft store and bought a childs 100% cotton T-shirt that was originally white. We laid down some newspaper outside on our deck and then C scrunched up the shirt and we simply sprayed on our first color. Since it is summertime, it only took about 10 minutes to dry. Once dry, we rearranged the t-shirt again (by scrunching it up) and sprayed on our next color. We did several colors and C picked them out. Once the T-shirt was completely dry we waited 3 days and then I ironed on a decal onto the front which depicts a fisherman. (C loves to go fishing so that is the one he picked out).

As you can see...this is so much easier than dying fabrics in your washing machine. Now that I have tried Simply Spray Fabric Paints, trust me, I will be using them for additional craft projects and will be posting them here on my blog.

I highly recommend these products to you as they are very easy to use and older children can certainly use them! Head on over to the Simply Spray Web Site and check out their gallery of all of the cool craft project ideas!

You can find the apron that I made using these paints ---> HERE


***NOTE*** I have not received any compensation for this product review. I was sent FREE products to try out and to use in a real craft setting. My personal opinion is honest and unbiased and your opinion of this product might differ from my own

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Natalie A. said...

These products sound wonderful! I love anything that makes craft work easy to do! Have a great night!

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