Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kids Arts and Crafts Apron Made with Simply Spray Fabric Paints

I was recently sent some fabulous fabric paints by a company called Simply Spray. I wrote up a product review for them which you can read ---> HERE

One of the projects I decided to make using the Simply Spray Fabric Paints was a childs arts & crafts apron. My niece loves to do arts & crafts and needed an apron to protect her clothing so I decided to make one for her.

I went out to my local craft store and purchased a 100% cotton canvas childs size apron in a natural color along with an iron-on decal of a cute elephant. Once home, I washed and dried the apron to remove sizing. I then used the pink Simply Spray Fabric Paint and lightly sprayed it onto the front of the apron. I left that dry for 20 minutes and then sprayed on the purple. My niece loves those 2 colors so that is why I picked those. Once it was dry, I decided to iron-on the elephant decal to the front.

I gave the apron to my niece 2 days ago and she just loved it. This was a super easy project to do and took me less than 2 hours (allowing for drying time).

You can find the tie-dye T-shirt project that I made using these fabric paints by going ---> HERE

I would like to thank the generous folks over at Simply Spray for sending me the fabric paints! I have several more projects I will be making during the next couple of weeks and will be blogging those too!

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