Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Barbie Doll Crochet Dress Pattern with Shawl, Purse and Hat

My daughter J recently was going to throw away a box of Little G's baby socks when I happened to rescue them from her. When I got the box, I immediately saw crafting potential with them. For this project, I decided to make a Barbie Dress from the baby sock along with a crochet shawl type of wrap. You can find the hat and purse pattern here on blog under the Barbie Projects category.

To Make The Dress: You will need one baby sock, in this case, I used a light purple one. These socks are the classic stretch knit ones. I cut the heal and toe section off so that the tube remaining measures 4 3/4" long. The top opening of the sock will be the top of the dress, the raw edge (the cut edge) will be the bottom. You will want to fold under 1/8" of the raw edge so that its hidden inside the dress. Using bedspread weight cotton and a size 4 Crochet hook, you will want to do a picot stitch trim around the hemline of the dress working through both layers so that the raw edge will be inside.

Picot Trim: Attach by single crocheting, chain 2, SC in second chain from hook, insert hook through both layers of sock about 1/8" away from your last stitch and SC, chain 2, SC in second chain from hook, insert hook through both layers of sock about 1/8" away from your last stitch...go around the entire bottom edge of the dress in this manner and then finish up by slant stitching in your first SC, fasten off and weave in your ends.

To Crochet The Shawl/Wrap: This is very simple and is done in a single crochet stitch using a size 4 crochet hook. Chain 70, SC in second chain from hook and in each chain across (total of 69 SC). Chain 2, turn and repeat by SC in each stitch across (total of 69 SC). You will do this for 8 complete rows, chain 2 and turn.

Picot Trim: This trim is worked the same way as described above for the dress, except you will be doing it in your previously worked SC stitches. At each corner, I did SC twice so that it laid flat nicer but that is up to you. I went around all 4 sides of the shawl with the picot stitch and fastened off and weaved in my ends.

As you can see...simple, easy and took me less than 90 minutes to make both the dress and the shawl/wrap.

You can find the rest of the patterns in my Barbie Projects category here on my blog. I will be posting more during the next few weeks.

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