Sunday, June 27, 2010

How To Make A Barbie Doll Dress From Baby Socks

My daughter J was cleaning out Little G's clothing a few days ago and was going to throw away a box of her baby socks...I of course saw crafting potential with them and snagged the box!

I used 2 of Little G's baby socks to make this cute 2-piece dress set for Barbie, the aka 11 1/2" fashion doll. It only took me 1 hour to make it including the little tote bag purse.

Here is what you will need:

Size 2 Crochet Hook
2 Baby Socks (I used one pale purple and 1 white, knitted infant socks)
Dark Purple crochet thread (bedspread weight)
Sewing Thread & Needle

To Make The Top: I cut the heal and toe area off of the sock. It now measures 2 3/4: long. The sock opening will be the top of the shirt and the portion of the sock that you cut off will be the bottom. Using some sewing thread and a needle, fold 1/8" of the cut edge up and on the inside so that the raw edge is underneath your top. Use 2-4 stitches just to tack it up (these will be removed later).

Using a size 2 Crochet Hook, poke it through both layers of your raw edge end and attach cotton thread (bedspread weight crochet thread) with a single crochet. Now you want to do the edging which is: chain 2, SC in second stitch from your hook, poke your crochet needle through both layers of sock about 1/8" away from your first SC and SC in that spot, chain 2, SC in second chain from hook, poke your crochet needle through both layers of the sock 1/8" away from your previous SC and keep going around the circumference of your sock. Once around, join with a slant stitch in first SC, Fasten Off and weave in ends. Remove the tack stitches and your top is now done.

To Make The Skirt: The skirt is made just like the top except I used a white sock for this skirt and I also made it 1/2" longer in the length than what I did for the top.

To Make Tote Bag - Purse: I saved the toe portion from the sock that I used for her top and decided to make that into a little tote bag. I cut it down until it was 2" in length and made sure the toe seam was inside. You will do the same picot crochet trim that you used on the bottom of the shirt and skirt but this time, you go around the top of the tote bag with the stitching. Note: Remember to turn in 1/8" of an inch of the cut/raw edge of the sock to hide the raw edge inside of the tote bag so you will be crocheting through both layers. Once I was done with that I attached a tote bag - purse strap and chained 28 for that.

Simple and I was able to save 2 socks from the landfill! yeah!

You can find more frugal Barbie ( 11 1/2" Fashion Doll ) Patterns here on my blog in the Barbie Projects Category! I will be posting many more over the coming weeks so follow my blog to see them!

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