Thursday, July 1, 2010

How To Make An Easy Homemade Window Topper Curtain

A friend of mine just moved into a new apartment and didn't have a lot of money to run out and get some new window treatments, so she asked me to help her to make some simple window toppers aka curtains for some of her windows.

So, we went out to our local fabric store and she purchased some cotton blend fabrics that were on sale for $1.99 a yard.

Measurements: We measured her windows and added on 10" to the width to allow for seam allowances & trimming. For the length, we added on 12" to allow for seam allowances and the curtain rod pocket. You can make them however long that you want, as you can see from the photo, hers are 1/3 of her window length as she says a lot of sunlight comes in that window and she likes to use her mini blinds.

You will need:

Coordinating Sewing Thread, Scissors, Tape Measure, Sewing Machine, Iron & Ironing Board, Sewing Supplies

We decided to cut our fabric first and allowed 10" extra inches on our width and 12" extra inches on our length (see above). We then ironed back our seams on 2 of the width edges and on the bottom hem edge. We folded the fabric back by 2 1/2" on the width and then folded it again by 2 1/2" so that the raw edge was hidden in the fold. She then used her sewing machine and sewed a straight edge down each of the width sides of the fabric. Using the iron, we ironed under 1" and then 1 1/2" on the bottom edge (raw edge hidden in the ironed fold) and she used a straight stitch to hem them up. You want to do the ironed folds along your seam lines to hide all raw edges which protects from fraying during washing/drying.

She had a simple white metal curtain rod that measured approx. 1 1/4" in depth, so we added on a 1/2" so that the rod would slide smoothly thru the pocket. Your next step is to sew the curtain rod pocket which she did by folding over approximately 5 or 6" of the fabric and using a straight stitch with her sewing machine, she made a curtain rod pocket.

Now, if you want them fuller or more ruffling to them, double the width of your fabric measurement.

As you can see, they are very simple and easy to make. She is going to use them while she is saving up some money to get more elaborate window treatments.

Happy Sewing!


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