Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Felt Food - Mushroom Slices - Play Food Pattern

I just love to eat mushrooms...love them cooked or fresh on a salad. Any way, I decided to make some felt mushrooms for my grand daughters felt food play set that I have been working on. They aren't fancy but will work! Here is how I made them.

Felt Food - Sliced Mushrooms

dark brown, light brown and tan felt scraps
matching colored embroidery floss + embroidery needle
Paper and pencil

Pattern: I just free handed my pattern onto a piece of paper. Mine measures 2 1/4" tall by 1 3/4" wide but you can make them any size that you would like.

Once I had my pattern made, I used it for the base of my mushrooms and because I didn't want them to all look exactly alike, I varied the colors. I cut one base piece from each of my 3 colors of felt. Then from dark brown felt, I cut 3 more. Once I had the 3 dark brown pieces cut, I cut those apart into a design that I liked so that they would fit on top of my base pieces (see photo to see what I mean). I then hand stitched the dark brown pieces onto the top of my medium brown and tan felt mushroom pieces so that my mushrooms were two-toned in color. Once I had that done, I cut from felt again (any of the colors will work) a full mushroom piece. Place your front piece wrong-sides together with the backing piece and hand stitch together. I found it best to use regular straight stitched and little whip stitches with these as I didn't like the appearance of the blanket stitch.

They actually sound much harder to make than what they really were so use my photo as an example.

You can find additional free patterns for felt food ---> HERE

Happy Crafting,

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Darlene Independent Watkins Associate ID# 320480 said...

Very cute Shelly. You have covered almost every type of food so far. You are doing great.

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