Friday, May 14, 2010

Easy - Antique Car Museum Scrapbooking Page Layouts

In May of 2009, my husband and I decided to spend the afternoon visiting the Pennsylvania State Museum located in downtown Harrisburg, PA. While visiting and touring the museum, we took numerous pictures of some of the things that we saw.

A few days ago I finally got around to scrapbooking a few of those photographs. I decided to make a simple page, a slightly more difficult page and then a moderate page. I wanted to time myself as I made each page along with figuring out how much each page cost me.

Let's start with the quickest, easiest and most frugal page first. For this one, I decided to use a plain white 12x12 piece of cardstock for my background. Because I was going for quick and cheap for this layout, I decided to not mat my photo's so I just cropped them down and rounded their corners. I used my Cricut to cut out the title "The Exhibits" along with the little swirly emblem and the carriage car (bottom right of the page. To accent the little carriage car, I used tiny silver metal brads in the center of the wheels. I had a ticket stub from the museum and attached that onto the page along with the 3 photos. I had a sticker of a car/bike horn left over from another project and put that up near my title. This page cost me less than .75 cents to make and less than 20 minutes in time.

For the next page...I had 3 photo's that I had taken of the Native American exhibits (which were beautiful by the way) that I used. I had a piece of rustic brown 12x12 piece of cardstock that I used for my background. I cropped my photo's, rounded their corners and mounted them onto medium brown cardstock and rounded the corners again. I used my Cricut to cut out a camp fire because one of the Native American exhibits in the photo, had a camp fire. I accented that cutout with some chalks to add definition to it. I had some sticker letters that were rustic looking and cut those out and mounted them onto medium brown cardstock to use as my titles. You can see my photo for placement of all items. This page cost me approximately $1.45 to make because I used a designer background paper. In addition, it took me 35 minutes to assemble.

For my final page, I used 2 sheets of 12x12 paper. One piece was done in a mint green and blue stripe and one was done in a blue with mint green tiny dots pattern. I decided to use the stripe patterned piece of paper as the background. I ripped the polka dot paper so that it was about 3" by 12" in size and used it for my top border. I used the rest of the polka dot paper to mat my 3 photographs which I rounded the corners on the photos and the paper. I had just a little bit of polka dot paper left and decided to use that piece as the background for my paper tag. From vanilla colored paper, I made the inner section of my paper tag so that I could do my journaling. I had a photo of the sign out front of the museum and I cropped that down and rounded the corners and used it for my title which I think looks great. I attached that to the top of my page along with 2 square shaped metal brads to accent it on the sides. I had a round chipboard piece that was done in the same color hues so I attached that along with a piece of fiber to my journaling tag to add additional accents to the page. This page took me about 45 minutes to make and cost me approximately $1.70 to make.

As you can see from my little experiment...all 3 pages look great. You don't have to spend a fortune to make decent scrapbooking pages nor do you have to spend 1 hour making each and every page.

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