Sunday, April 25, 2010

Felt Food - Sliced Cherry Pie - Play Food - FREE Pattern!

I wanted to make a few different sliced pie pieces for my grand daughters felt food play set that I have been making and decided to try to make a slice of cherry pie. This was my first attempt at making a slice of pie and over-all, it came out pretty good. Its not fancy and elaborate, just simply thrown together.

I did not use a pattern to make it so I will tell you how I did it so you can make one yourself.

Supplies Used:

Red and Tan Eco Felt
Red and Tan Embroidery Floss
2 1/2 hand fulls of stuffing
Embroidery Needle, Scissors

I started off by drawing a triangle on a piece of paper. Mine measures approx. 4 1/2" long by 3" wide at its widest point. However, you can make yours as small or as large as you would like.

I used this triangle to cut out 2 triangles from my tan colored felt. I wanted my pie slice to be 2 3/4" high so I cut out of red felt 2 pieces that each measure 2 3/4" high by 4 1/2" long. These serve as my 2 long sides of my pie slice. Next, I cut out of tan felt a piece that measures 2 3/4" by 3" for my back piece. Also out of tan felt I cut a strip that measures 1/2" by 8" in length, this piece serves as my rippled crust piece on the pie slice. Out of red felt, I cut 2 circle that are each 2" in diameter, those will serve as my 2 cherries that are peeking out of my top crust.

Pick up one of your tan colored triangles and cut 2 round circles (holes) that are approx. 1 to 1 1/2" in diameter. Pick up your 2 red circles of felt and line them up over the holes you just cut and pucker them up through the top and stitch into place with red or tan embroidery floss. (see photo). Once I had them done, I used 2 strands of tan embroidery floss and whip stitched the 3 sides of my pie slice to the top triangle we just made. Once I had my sides on, I whip stitched the bottom crust piece on (tan triangle) and right before closing it up, I stuffed in some fiber fill stuffing and then finished my stitching and fastened it off.

For my rippled crust piece, I gathered up my tan strip that I had cut out earlier and using 2 strands of tan embroidery floss, I made little stitches and attached it to the top of my pie slice.

Simple, Quick and Effective. Its not fancy and elaborate but it serves its purpose!

You can find additional free patterns for felt food ---> HERE

Happy Crafting!

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Darlene Independent Watkins Associate ID# 320480 said...

Oh my, this is too cute Shelly. I love it. Looks good enough to eat. lol

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