Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easy Beach Scrapbooking Layouts - Seashore Fun!

I just love to scrapbook and could spend hours and hours doing it each and every day. A few weeks ago I decided to work on some of our family's vintage pictures and to get those scrapbooked. While digging through my picture box, I came across some photo's of when we had a family reunion down at the Jersey Shore back in 1989 and decided to tackle those.

This 2-page layout took me about 1 hour and 10 minutes, but you could cut down the time by using precut frames, titles etc.

For my first page (shown in the above photo)...I decided to do my layout on white 12x12 cardstock. I had 3 photo's which I cropped down into large square shapes. I then matted those 3 photo's with medium blue and navy blue cardstock (double matted). Using my computer, I printed out a journaling block with blue words using a clean arial font and a smaller journaling block that simply says "Loving the Beach and Water". I had a piece of 12x12 scrapbooking paper that was in a light blue and white thin vertical striped pattern and ripped it slightly less than halfway and attached that to the bottom of my white cardstock background. I then adhered 2 of my photo's on top of that. I attached the remaining photo and the large journaling block to the upper portion (on the white section). I had a rub-on word that says "The Jersey Shore" and put that near the top above the large journaling block. I had three 3-D embellishments which I attached to my page (see photo for their placement) and finished up by attaching the smaller journaling block underneath one of the bottom photos. Pretty dang gone simple if you ask me! LOL

For the 12x12 page layout above...I used the other portion of the blue & white vertical striped paper and attached that to my page. I double matted 2 photo's in the same cardstock that I used on the first page so that everything would match. Using my computer and a grunge font, I printed out the words "Ocean City, N.J." onto white cardstock and then double matted that in the same blue(s) cardstock that I used to mat my photos and attached that to the top of my page. I printed out on my computer a smaller journaling block that describes who the people are in the photo's and who went on our family trip. I double matted that in the blue(s) cardstock to match the matting on the photos. Finally, I had 3 small 3-D seashell sticker embellishments leftover from another layout and applied them towards the bottom of the page. (see photo for placement).

This 2 page layout didn't take a slew of time and it was simple and didn't cost me a lot of money. I love to scrapbook but I don't want to spend $10 to make one page. I am more frugal than that but I like my pages to look nice and clean. I think I accomplished that with this layout.

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