Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Felt Food - Dessert Cakes - Play Food Patterns

I have really been cranking out the felt foodie items for my little grand daughters felt food play set that I have been making for her. I am determined to have a well stocked kitchen for her before she is 3 years old when I give her a kitchen playset for her birthday.

Today I am going to share with you how I made these little square dessert cakes. I think you can pretty much tell how I made them by viewing my photo. I will give instructions on how to make one of them as its all basically the same way and you just change your felt colors and decorations on the outside to make them different and unique.

I will use the white one as the example for my project today.

Felt Food - Square Dessert Cakes - Play Food

Dark brown, white and red felt
white, dark brown and red embroidery floss
embroidery needle, scissors and tape measure
small amount of stuffing

I made myself a paper pattern by drawing a 2 1/2" square onto paper and cutting it out. The rest of it was basically just thrown together LOL

From white felt, cut out 2 squares. For the sides of your dessert cake you will need a piece of white felt measuring 1/2" wide by the entire circumference of your square so I just cut out a long strip and then shortened it later on.

From dark brown felt, cut out a long strip measuring 1/8" wide my the length of your felt sheet. Once you have done that, cut that strip down into 2 1/2" long pieces. Using 2 strands of dark brown embroidery floss and running stitches, hand sew 5 of the strips to the front of one of your white squares and then fasten off. From a small piece of red felt, free hand a heart and cut it out. Mine measures approx. 1/2" in diameter. Use 2 strands of red embroidery floss and tiny stitches, hand sew it to the center front of your white square. (see photo).

Using 2 strands of white embroidery floss and the blanket stitch, start sewing your 1/2" wide white felt strip onto the sides of your front white square. Once you make it around the square, cut down your strip to size. Next, attach a plain white square to it using a blanket stitch, once you are 3/4 of the way around, insert a little stuffing inside (do not over stuff) and then finish stitching it shut. You have now made a little dessert cake!

Variations: As shown in my photo, you can change up your felt colors. For one of mine I used solid dark brown felt and cut out a free-handed swirl from pink felt and sewed that on top. For my other one, I used beige felt and cut out a dark brown swirl. You could attach faux felt cherries or whatever you would like...even some tiny seed beads to add some pizzaz. I wanted mine simple, easy and quick to make.

You can find additional free patterns for felt food ---> HERE

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