Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sewing Project - Mini Fabric Christmas Mittens Holiday Ornaments

I was leafing through my nephews coloring book and came across a pair of mittens. I politely asked him if I could have that particular page and he was 'nice' enough to give it to me. LOL

I then scanned the page into my computer and shrunk the image down by 50% until it measured 4" tall by 3" wide (at its widest point) and printed it out to use as a template/pattern. I then traced the shape onto the reverse side of my holiday print fabric. (black with a green holly, red berry and red ribbon print). I cut the shape out of doubled fabric, just outside of my traced lines. I placed the fabric right sides together and sewed a straight stitch on the pattern/traced line but left the cuff area of the mitten unsewn so that I could turn it inside out. Once I had it turned out (right sides now out), I lightly stuffed it with poly fiber fill.

I took a 8" long piece of green 1/4" wide satin ribbon and knotted it at both ends. I inserted the knotted end into the mitten cuff and hand sewn it shut by using straight stitches. I did the same thing with the other mitten so that they were now connected together. (see photo).

Once that was done, I cut from red fleece a strip measuring 1/2" wide by 4" long and glued that to the cuff of my mitten using all-purpose craft glue.

I think they turned out cute! I was able to use fabric and fleece scraps to make the project which was my I have a large scrap fabric stash which is perfect for making holiday tree ornaments.

You could probably find a similar mitten shape online by searching for free holiday mitten clipart, mitten coloring pages, etc. through your favorite search engine. Just remember to shrink the image down to the size that you need before printing it out.

~ Shelly ~

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