Thursday, December 3, 2009

Play Food - How To Make Felt Cookies With Sprinkles

As part of my continuing series on how to make faux food for your little girls kitchen play sets...I think these felt faux cookies are probably the easiest project to make.

Supplies Needed:

White or Off-White Felt (for cookie)
Pastel Colored Felt (for icing)
Various Tiny Beads (seed beads and 2 MM round beads work best)
Sewing Needle and Threads
Scissors and Pinking Sheers

Pattern: 4" diameter circle and a 3" diameter circle cut from paper to use as your templates.

From felt, cut two 4" diameter circles...I like to use white or off-white (vanilla) colored felts for my cookie base. From pastel colored felt, cut another 3" diameter circle using pinking sheers to give it a zig-zag edge.

Using a sewing needle, hand sew tiny seed beads and/or 2 MM round beads onto your pastel colored felt. (the piece that you are using for your icing). Once completed, using matching colored thread (in my case I used light pink) to hand sew the icing felt onto one of your cookie felts.

Lay your top layer cookie felt onto your undecorated bottom cookie felt and whip stitch or blanket stitch them two pieces together. Once you get it sewn together, weave your thread ends into the felt so that they can't be seen.

You will want to make up a couple of cookies in various colors so that your little girl has a variety in her play food set.

You can find more patterns to make faux play food by checking out my Faux Food Label here on my blog.

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