Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids Craft - Quick and Easy Wooden Holiday Box

Here is a super easy holiday craft project for you to make with your kids. There is some painting involved but other than that...quick and easy. We found the wooden boxes (chests) at the craft store on sale 2 for $1.00.

Supplies Needed:

Wooden Chest Boxes (unfinished)
Acrylic Paint and Foam Sponge Paint Brush
Rub-on Holiday Transfers (we used a gingerbread theme)
Scrap Piece of Felt
All-Purpose Tacky Craft Glue

Lay several sheets of newspaper down on your work surface.

Step 1: Have the child paint the box using one of those foam sponge paint brushes and acrylic paint. They can also paint the inside of the box or let it plain.

Step 2: Cut a small piece of craft felt to fit inside the bottom of your box. Glue it inside using the craft glue. (Just trace around the bottom of the box but cut the felt a little smaller (by about 1/8" of an inch smaller) so that it fits inside the bottom.

Step 3: We found some Holiday Rub-On Transfers in a gingerbread man theme. Cut apart the designs and have the child rub them onto the wood surface using a craft stick (usually included inside the package of transfers).

Thats it! Pretty quick and easy! We made up a few of them with the kids in our family a few weeks ago. They added a piece of dollar store jewelry (a holiday pin) and are giving them to their mothers and/or grandmothers for Christmas.

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