Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Faux Felt Food - How To Make Felt Cheese Slices and Bacon

Here is my next installment on how to make faux felt food goodies for your little girl to play with. Today's installment is how to make cheese slices and strips of bacon...all made with felt.

Felt Cheese Slices: My cheese slices measure 4" square, you can make them any size you would like. You will need 4 squares cut from yellow felt. You will also need yellow embroidery thread and a sewing needle. From one felt square, I cut 3 round holes...then used those holes to trace holes onto it's matching felt square. Place the squares together and use a tiny whip stitch and go around all 3 of the cheese holes. Once done, use a blanket stitch and go around all 4 sides of the cheese slice. When I do the stitching, I use 2 strands of cotton embroidery floss. For your American Cheese Slice....just omit the holes that you used in your Swiss Cheese Slice.

Felt Bacon Slices: You will need tan and dark brown felt pieces. My bacon slices measure 5" in length by 1 1/4" in width and are cut from tan felt. You want to cut them slightly curvy so that they look realistic. You will want to cut 1/4" by 5" long pieces of dark brown felt...also a little curvy in nature. I used 2 dark brown pieces and glued them on top of my tan felt pieces. You can also hand stitch them on top if you would like.

You can find more of my Felt Food Patterns and Instructions ---> HERE

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