Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Easy Baby Shower Party Favor | Baby Rattles Party Favors

If you are looking for a really quick and easy idea for a party favor for your next baby shower...then consider making candy filled baby rattles.

We were able to purchase the little plastic toy rattles at our local craft supply store along with baby bottle shaped candies. The rattles open up and you place a little handful of candies inside and snap it shut.

You can use your computer and print out a message onto white cardstock. Then use a hole punch and some satin ribbon and tie your message onto the baby rattle. Our little message simply says "Thank You".

Here are some message ideas:

It's A Girl
It's A Boy
It's Twins
Thank You For Coming
Thank You For Your Gift
Baby Thanks You
(Baby's Name, if known)
Date of Baby Shower

Or try some cute little baby sayings such as:

Diaper Change Time
Feeding Time
Give Me A Bottle
Patty Cakes
Burp Me Please
Pass The Diaper Wipes
Nap Time
Read Me A Story

The possibilities are endless. We were able to make up 35 of these in just less than 2 hours.

Have fun at your next baby shower!

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