Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Denim Jeans Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Embellishments

One of my favorite crafting mediums is scrapbooking and cardmaking. Last year I was scrapbooking some photo's of my daughter during her teenager years. I decided I wanted to make some denim jeans to use as embellisments on my scrapbooking page layouts.

I sat down and free-handed a 'jeans' shape onto scrap cardstock and then cut them out. I made an extra one to use as a perm. pattern. I traced my pattern onto a pair of her old denim jeans that I had saved and cut them out using sharp fabric scissors.

I used scrapbooking adhesive and adhered them to the cardstock. I then got into my scrap box (where I keep all of my crafting scraps) and pulled out some lace, ribbon, rhinestones, broken necklace, etc. and used those scraps to decorate my little denim jeans!

You can decorate yours however you would like...make them 1970's with flower power or 1980's flashy...the choice is yours.

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