Thursday, November 12, 2009

Handpainted Ceramic Holiday Ornaments

If you are like...there will be times that you can't sit down and spend an entire weekend making crafts. I recently went to my local craft supply store and picked up a few of these unfinished ceramic snowman ornaments. They had them on sale 3 for $1.00 which was a great price point for me.

I have a slew of acrylic paints on hand so I didn't need to purchase any paint. What is nice about the snowman ones is the fact that the ceramic is white so it saves you a lot of painting time. All you need to do is paint on the colored accents and string a piece of fabric through the hole so that it can be hung on your holiday tree.

I decided to purchase 6 of them and painted all 6 of them up in less than 90 minutes. I am going to use them on my holiday packages for my neices and nephews come Christmas. Since I already had paint and fabric scraps, these 6 ornaments only cost me $2.12 (including state sales tax) and 90 minutes of my time.

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