Friday, November 13, 2009

Kids Craft Project - Beaded Wreath Holiday Ornaments

When our daughter was young, we spent a weekend afternoon crafting up some cute holiday wreath ornaments using beads and lace. You can find the craft supplies listed for this project at your neighborhood craft supply store.

The following project would be suited for children over the age of 5 with adult supervision.

Materials Needed

6" piece of pipe cleaner (I used clear ones)
16" to 18" piece of red flat edge lace that is 1" in width
1 package of green plastic tri-beads
1 package of clear plastic tri-beads
1 flocked teddy bear measuring approximately 1 1/4" tall
4" piece of gold metallic cord
all-purpose quick-drying craft glue

Note: When you purchase the flat edge lace (non-gathered lace) look for a pattern that has a hole that runs along the edge so that you can thread your pipe cleaner through it.

Step 1: Cut off a 6" piece of pipe cleaner and a 16" to 18" piece of lace and set aside.

Step 2: Slightly pinch one end of pipe clear and then thread on a green tri-bead. Start threading on your lace followed up by a clear tri-bead. You will want to continue this pattern for the length of your pipe cleaner. (green bead, lace, clear bead).

Step 3: Once you have the pipe cleaner filled up with beads and lace, shape it into a circle and twist the two pipe cleaner ends together. It should look like a wreath.

Step 4: Glue the flocked teddy bear onto the wreath as shown in the picture. (he should look like he is sitting inside it). Finally, take a 4" piece of gold metallic cord and thread through the lace at the top and form a knotted loop so that it can be hung on your holiday tree.

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