Friday, November 13, 2009

Frugal Crafts - Special Gift Poem

*sorry for the blurry dark photo, my camera flash kept wiping out the item because of it being light colored*

This is a darling little frugal craft project that I picked up at a local church bazaar craft show last year. Since then, I figured out how to make them myself. I like to make them up and enclose them in special greeting cards that I send out to friends and family through out the year.

Materials Needed

3" by 5" piece of card stock
1 1/4" by 1 1/4" piece of card stock
computer and printer
scrap of wrapping paper
curling ribbon
glue stick

Take a scrap piece of all occasion wrapping paper and wrap it around the 1 1/4" square piece of card stock so that it resembles a package. Secure with a dot of glue. Accent your little package with some scraps of curling ribbon to resemble a package bow and secure it into place with a spot of glue.

You will need to print out the following poem onto your 3" by 5" piece of card stock.

This is a very special gift,
That you can never see.
The reason it's so special is
It's just for you, from me.

Whenever you are lonely,
Or ever feeling blue,
You only have to hold this gift
And know I think of you.

You never can unwrap it,
Please leave the ribbon tied.
Just hold the box close to your heart
It's filled with love inside.

Once you have it printed out onto your card stock, adhere the little package to the front of it on the right hand side.

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