Friday, November 20, 2009

Craft Project - Seashell and Jute Soup Can Pen and Pencil Holder

This is a really easy craft project that you can make with your children by reusing a clean and empty soup can.

Note: We use a non-cutting style can opener that unseals our can lids so that there are no sharp edges. If you are worried about sharp edges, you can reuse a plastic or glass jar that is roughly the same size.

Recommended Project Ages: 7 and up with adult supervision.

Supplies Needed

Empty and clean soup can
1 roll of twine or jute cording
All-Purpose white crafting glue
Foam paint brush
1 bag various sized sea shells
1 felt circle that fits the circumference of your can

Step 1: Cut off 24" long pieces of jute from your roll. I find it easier to work with small lengths. Using your all-purpose craft glue, squirt some glue around the top of your can's sides, in 1" wide sections. Use your foam brush to spread out the glue so that its an even coat. Carefully wrap the jute around the can. As needed, add more glue and cut more jute from the roll. You will continue covering the sides of your can in this manner until done. Set aside to dry.

Step 2: Once your holder is completely dry from the gluing process, its time to glue on the sea shells. Start with the large shells first and then use the small shells and sea pebbles to fill in the design area. We were able to purchase a small bag of dyed shells so that our pen holder would have some color to it.

Step 3: Cut a circle from felt or fabric that will fit the circumference of your can. Glue it to the bottom so that you will protect your desk surface from scratches.

Tips: Its best to lay your can on its side for gluing on the shells. Let them dry for 15 minutes before moving it around. You can do just a design on the front or decorate the entire thing, the choice is yours. If you don't have felt, you can cover the bottom of your can with additional jute cording.

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