Friday, November 20, 2009

Primitive Rusty Star Snowman Ornament Project

I went to a craft show two weeks ago and saw these primitive style snowman ornaments that were glued onto rusty tin shapes (hearts, circles, stars and squares) and decided I would make one myself.

The ones I saw also had scarfs around their necks, hats on their heads and had totally embroidered faces, I chose to use beads for his eyes, a sculpey clay nose and embroidered french knots for his mouth. You can decorate yours according to your own taste.

Primitive Rusty Star Snowman Ornament

Supplies Needed For Each 

5" diameter rusty tin star
cotton batting or tea-stained felt
poly fill stuffing
2 (6mm) dark brown or black beads
orange Sculpey Clay carrot shaped nose
black embroidery floss (or tiny black beads)
all-purpose craft glue
disappearing ink pen
Sewing machine or hand sewing supplies

To Make Your Pattern: I traced around a drinking glass to make a circle pattern onto paper. I then cut it out and traced the circle onto my cotton batting with a disappearing ink pen.

Step 1: You can hand sew or machine sew on your traced line. Once it has been sewn, trim around the edges to cut it out. Once finished, cut a small 1 1/2" slit in the backside and turn it inside out.

Step 2: Using 3 strands of black or dark brown embroidery floss, make some french knots for his mouth. If you are using beads for his eyes, this is the time to attach them using embroidery floss and leaving your knots inside the fabric. Lightly stuff with poly fiber fill and hand sew the turning slit shut.

Step 3: I made my own nose out of orange Sculpey Clay and glued it onto the front of his face. Add several globs of glue to the back of his head and glue the head (centered) onto a rusty tin star.

Step 4: You can drill a tiny hole in the top of your star and insert clear fishing line or string so that you can hang up your ornament or you can cut some homespun fabric and tie into a loop and glue to the backside of the rusty tin star. The choice is yours, but I like the clear fishing line on mine.

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