Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kid's Craft Projects - Sharpie Marker Painted Clam Shells

Did you take the kids to the beach for summer vacation? Got an abundance of seashells that you collected from the beach? If so, I've got a great kid's craft project to share with all of you today and it's one that will allow them to get creative and stay busy for several hours!

For this craft project, you'll need the following supplies (just a handful of items) and you'll be ready to go for an afternoon filled with fun! We used surf clam shells that we collected from the beach, but you can use most seashells that you have on hand. Some will be better for just doing "dot-style" patterns on and others (like the clam shell) are great for artistic drawings.

Kid's Craft Project: Sharpie Marker Painted Clam Shells

Seashells and/or Clam Shells
Sharpie Markers
Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer
Soap, Water & Towel

The day before, you'll want to wash up all of the seashells to remove sand and debris. You can use a little bit of liquid dish soap & water. Rinse clean and then lay them on a towel to dry. They need to be thoroughly dry before you begin the next step.

Lay newspaper down onto your work surface. Give the kids a pile of Sharpie Markers and let them draw designs, patterns, dots, swirls or whatever else they would like on the inside and outside of their seashells. We found it best to use markers with a medium point and NOT a fine point tip. You'll want to use permanent markers, not ones that will easily smear & wash off.

Once the designs have been "painted" you'll want to take them outside for the next step. Lay some old newspaper down onto the grass or sidewalk. Place the painted shells on top. Have an adult spray the clear acrylic sealer onto one side of the seashell. Let it dry for 2 hours. Flip over the shells and spray an additional coat. Let them dry for several more hours. Now your done!

By spraying them with the clear acrylic sealer...it will add a nice glossy coat to the finish and protect the painted design underneath. We placed our seashells in our flower bed and garden. They can be used inside or outside of the home.

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