Sunday, January 10, 2016

DIY Coastal Driftwood Flameless Pillar Candles

I decorate my home in a beach and coastal style. With that in the heart of Pennsylvania makes it hard to find pretty decor items to decorate my home. When I do find's always while we are down at our beause in Jersey or when I resort to shopping online.
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Several months ago when we were down at the Jersey Shore...I spotted some adorable coastal-style flameless pillar candles. The store that was selling them wanted $22.95 a piece and I knew I could make them myself for much less.

Once we got home from vacation I headed to my local craft store and picked up some 6" and 8" tall wax flameless pillar candles (they came with the AA batteries), a bag of driftwood pieces and a tube of E6000 glue (adhesive). You could use a hot glue gun but I found that my driftwood pieces didn't stick onto the waxy candle as well...hence the need for the powerful E6000 glue.
The E6000 can be pretty messy to work with so I prefer to work with it on an old glass heat-resistant cutting board that I have. Once dry...the glue peels right off of it so that old cutting board is my new craft work surface.

You will want to stand your candles upright when working on them. Lay out all of your driftwood pieces and line up about 2 dozen pieces that you plan on using. You will want to use varying lengths and look for pieces that have flat backs which will adhere well to the waxy candle.

Use just a little bit of the E6000 to apply the driftwood pieces around the bottom of your candle. If they slide can use a large rubberband or tie a tight ribbon around them until it has completely dried. I left mine dry overnight. You can let them plain like I did or you can glue some smaller seashells on top. Personally, I prefer the plain & simple driftwood look.

That's it! I made several of them and each one cost me about $6.00 to make instead of $22.95 like the seaside boutique was charging. I'm pretty happy with my results and going to make a few more with some driftwood and small seashells that I have leftover from another project. I will share those next week here on my craft blog. Enjoy!

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jopb said...

I thinkthatyour candle looks great and the idea of adding some sea shells will add to the appeal of these candles.

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