Friday, November 20, 2015

Kid's Crafts - Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Last weekend my little 6 1/2 year old grand daughter was over for a visit. Every time she comes we always sit down for a few hours and work on some craft projects together. It's a great way for her to explore her creativity and for us to bond together doing something that we both love to do.

One of our recent projects were these adorable Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments! This project has been around for many years...I can remember making these myself when I was a child. Furthermore, you only need a handful of inexpensive supplies and they work up really quickly. Each ornament took us less than 30 minutes to make.

Kid's Craft Project - Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Twigs 5" to 6" Long
Brown Yarn
Various Colors of Satin Ribbon
All Purpose Craft Glue
Decorative Buttons
Hanging String or 1/8" Wide Satin Ribbon

When selecting twigs from your want to make sure they are primarily straight and no thicker than a 1/4" in diameter. Make sure they are dry and bug-free before using them.

Place a dot of glue at one end of the twig and wind a piece of brown yarn around the entire length of the twig, securing it at the other end with a dot of glue. The entire twig should be covered with the yarn. This serves as the trunk of your tree.

Starting 1" up from the bottom end of your tree trunk starting tying ribbons onto the trunk. The ones you start with first should be longer pieces than the ones you'll use last. Don't worry about specific lengths right now because you'll use scissors at the end to trim them up and to shape the tree. Ours are mostly the same length as you can see in the photograph above. Continue tying ribbons on until you reach the top. Please note...keep your "knots" all in the same direction which helps your tree to look nicer and more polished.

Once you've reached the top...lay the ornament down onto the table. Use a pair of scissors and trim all of your ribbons into a triangular shape to form your finished tree. The ones at the bottom will be longer than the ones at the top.

Take a piece of string or a piece of 1/8" sating ribbon and tie it into a hanging loop. Add a spot of glue at the top of your ornament and place the knotted end of the hanging loop into the glue. Add another spot of glue on top of that and add a satin ribbon bow and decorative button on top of that. Let your ornament air dry for approximately 4 hours.

This easy Christmas craft project is great for kids to do! The ornaments work up quickly and are inexpensive to make. A nice project for scout groups, classrooms or church youth groups too. They can be used as package toppers, hung onto a Christmas tree or placed all over the home to add some holiday cheer!

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