Friday, July 10, 2015

BernzOmatic TS400 Self-Igniting Trigger Start Torch

A couple of months ago my husband and I purchased a few old travel trailers (campers) and are totally remodeling them. All of these campers are older and need a lot of work...hence why we got them at a bargain price. With that said, hubby finally started work on the 1992 Wilderness Camping Trailer and the first project was to fixing some old copper plumbing pipes.

Before I get started here...I will be starting a new section here on my blog and will make regular updates of our remodeling projects inside & outside the camping trailers. I will be making new cushions, bedding, bathroom items, decor, etc. and will be showing you all how I did it.

For this first project...hubby received a BernzOmatic TS400 Self-Igniting Trigger Start Torch for review and put it to good use soldering together & repairing some old copper piping. Here is some information about that torch.

The TS400 Self-Igniting Trigger Start Torch is perfect for all kinds of projects you have around the house...or in our case...our camping trailers!

* Plumbing repair: Save a few bucks and tackle small plumbing jobs around the house. BernzOmatic makes everything needed to tackle plumbing projects including torches, propane cylinders, flux and solder.

* Kitchen remodeling: If you’ve got a dated kitchen with old, unattractive linoleum, you may find it’s a lot more difficult to remove than you thought. Use the TS4000 for easier removal. You can also use the torch to loosen old rusty bolts on cabinets. When metal is heated, it expands, resulting in the rust cracking off or loosening.

* Paint stripping: A torch can be used to easily strip off old paint. Just remember to do this outside, or in a well vented area with the proper safety equipment, avoiding flammable surfaces underneath such as dry, old wood. The heat helps to destroy the film contained in the paint, allowing it to be removed from the surface. When the finish starts to wrinkle and bubble up, begin to scrape the paint off using a paint scraper. The same heat stripping technique can be used to remove calk in your bathroom.

The BernzOmatic TS400 Self-Igniting Trigger Start Torch features:

* On/Off Trigger Switch
* Lock Butter (keep torch lit, finger-free)
* Swirl Flame
* Continuous Run-Lock
* High Temperature
* Fracture Groove (safety feature in case torch is dropped)
* Cast Aluminum Body
* Pressure Regulated
* Easy-to-Use
* Instructions Included w/Package
* Use for Soldering and/or Brazing

My husband removed the damaged copper piping from the trailer and took them into his work shop. Once in there, he put them in some vice clamps to hold them as he did some of the soldering work that needed to be done. Now...this is not my area of expertise so I just sat there and watched him and took photos of the torch in action.

He told me that he loves the BernzOmatic Trigger Start Torch because it's really easy for him to use and it fits comfortably in his hand. He loves that it has a lock button for more lengthier jobs to keep it lit without having to keep his finger on the trigger. He also appreciates that fracture groove safety feature should he accidentally drop it while using it.

He said that if you need a torch like this...this is definitely the one you should get. He plans on using it for all of the plumping and soldering work that these trailers need and will be getting over the next few months.

You can learn more about this product and BernzOmatic by visiting their site online. Please keep checking back here on the blog so you can follow along with all of our camping trailer remodeling projects as we tackle & complete them.

Disclosure: We received a complimentary BernzOmatic torch for this review. Regardless, our thoughts, opinions, ideas and wordage are 100% our own and were NOT influenced by the company. No monetary compensation was received.

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jopb said...

This sounds like an excellent torch and I like the lock function to keep,the torch lit. I am looking forward to your updates on your camper remodeling. I'd like to see photos of the campers before you fixed them too.

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