Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Craft Project - Faux Pearl Snowflake Holiday Ornaments

Last year our local dollar store had packages of white plastic snowflake Christmas tree ornaments on sale (after Christmas they were two packages for $1.00) so I snagged several packages for future crafting needs. While I was there, I also purchased two packages of silver metallic pipe cleaners and a bottle of tacky glue. I threw everything into a bin and finally got busy crafting some ornaments.

These faux pearl, beaded and plastic snowflake ornaments are really easy-to-make. If you have older children, they can help you with them and each one will cost about $1.00 to make once finished. Here is what you need and some instructions.
Faux Pearl Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments

2 pkgs. White Plastic Snowflake Ornaments
1-2 pkgs. Silver Pipe Cleaners
Small Oval White Faux Pearls
Small Round Colored Pearls
Small Round Faceted Beads
Satin Ribbon Roses (for the center)
Bottle of Tacky Glue or Glue Gun
Scissors or Wire Cutters

Note: For our project I used white faux oval pearls, round mint green faux pearls and clear round faceted beads. You can use any shape or color of beads or pearls that you have on hand.

Use scissors or wire cutters to cut down your pipe cleaner into sticks that are shorter than the snowflake. We simply glued them onto the plastic snowflake to add color and dimension to the ornament. Let dry. Slightly bend each end and glue on a faux pearl or bead. Let dry and then bend the little arm (pipe cleaner) back into place. You can also glue them on before affixing them to the snowflake but we preferred doing it the other way. Each pipe cleaner end should get a bead or faux pearl. To finish them up, we simply glued a large bead, satin ribbon rose or other small items onto the center of our snowflakes. For some of them, we glued fancy metallic buttons into the middle which really jazzed them up. Use whatever you like and have on-hand.

As you can see, they look a whole lot nicer than just slapping those cheap plastic snowflake ornaments all over your Christmas tree. You can really decorate those things a slew of different ways and it is a great way to use up some of your left-over crafting supplies. Enjoy!

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