Thursday, December 25, 2014

Book Review: Idiot's Guides to Quilting

If you have ever wanted to learn the art of quilting then I highly suggest you check out the Idiot's Guides to Quilting book by author Jennifer Fulton. This book includes step-by-step color photos which makes machine and hand quilting simple. Inside the book you will find easy lessons on cutting, piecing, appliqueing and more. Included are 15+ fun and fresh quilting projects to help build on the quilting skills that you've learned.

Book Synopsis: Whether it's a meaningful gift for a special occasion or a warm & cozy cover for cold nights, a quilt is always welcome. But if you've never stitched a quilt top, the craft can seem over-whelming. Not anymore! This book is packed with beautiful color photographs that instruct and inspire, this helpful guide shows you how easy it is to create one-of-a-kind quilted pieces. In the guide you will get:

* A primer on the quilting tools and supplies you need to get started.

* Helpful tips for selecting the best fabrics for your projects.

* Step-by-step tutorials for piecing, quilting and applique - by hand or machine.

* Lessons on cutting and piecing blocks, sewing a quilt top, assembling quilt layers and quilting your work.

* Easy-to-print, accurately scaled project patterns are available online.

* ISBN: 978-1-61564-612-8

My Thoughts: A few years ago I tried my hand at quilting and I admit, I have some of the basics down but not all of them. This book is absolutely a must-have if you are a beginner or just need some refresher lessons. Even if you are an experienced will still enjoy this book and the author's quilting tips and projects within it.

The book is broken down in easy-to-read chapters starting with Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Quilt which goes over the terminology and the supplies that you will need. Chapter 2: Explains how to select the perfect fabric for your projects, Chapter 3: How to prepare and cut your fabric, Chapter 4: Explains how to piece your quilt blocks, Chapter 5: Explains piecing techniques, Chapter 6: Explains advanced piecing techniques, Chapter 7: The art of applique, Chapter 8: How to assemble a quilt top, Chapter 9: How to prepare your quilt for quilting, Chapter 10: Quilting a quilt and the book finishes up with Chapter 11: The gallery of projects. Phew...this book covers everything!

One of the things I love about it is that quilting is explained in a manner than anyone can understand. Even if you have never sewn before or crafted anything in your will totally learn how to make a quilt with this handy dandy guide! The book is loaded with beautiful color photographs that show you step-by-step how to complete each of the tasks outlined in the book.

If you can't have a "master" quilter sitting beside you and giving you "hands on" lessons, this Quilting book by Idiot's Guides is definitely the next best thing!

Disclaimer: Shelly H. received a complimentary copy of the Idiot's Guides to Quilting Book for a review on her Passionate About Crafting Blog. No monetary compensation was received. Her thoughts are 100% unbiased and are based on her personal experience with the book. Your opinion may differ.

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