Friday, April 25, 2014

Craft Project - Mickey Mouse Lollipop Party Favors

Back in late February we held a Disney theme'd party at my daughter's home and had 10 little kids over to celebrate. All of our decorations, games and goodies were done in a Disney Mickey Mouse theme. We needed some additional party favors and had a hard time finding some things that we wanted. What we couldn't find, we made ourselves.

We decided to make these super quick and easy Mickey Mouse Lollipop Party Favors that the kids got to take home with them in their Disney theme'd goodie bags that we had made for them. Here is how we made our lollipop favors.

Disney Mickey Mouse Lollipop Party Favors

2 sheets black cardstock
1/4" diameter glue dots (found in scrapbook section)
mickey mouse template
1 bag lollipops
Scotch tape
tracing pen
roll of curling ribbon

Template: We had a coloring book and cut out Mickey's head from that coloring book to use as our template. The head measures about 4" in diameter.
The lollipops that we used had larger plastic wrappers on them. We folded the edges of the wrapper in and secured it with one small piece of Scotch tape. We did this so that the wrappers were less visible. You can avoid this step if you buy lollipops that don't have larger wrappers on them.

We traced the Mickey Mouse head (using the template) onto solid black card stock. You will need two of these per pop that you are making. Use one glue dot and secure one head onto each side of the lollipop. Finish up by cutting a 5" long piece of curling ribbon, tying it around the stick and then curling it with a pair of scissors.
There you go! A quick, easy and inexpensive Mickey Mouse Lollipop Party Favor that you can make all by yourself! We made 24 of them in just under 90 minutes for our party. Enjoy!

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