Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Paper Window Hearts - Craft Project

Last weekend my little 4 1/2 year old grand daughter came over to my house for a visit. She loves to sit down with me and do little crafts, so we decided to work on some Valentine's Day paper hearts to hang in our front windows.

What is really nice about this craft project is that we used only scraps from my scrap craft box. I toss in a box all of my leftover crafting supplies and then we use them up when she comes to visit.
Valentine's Day Paper Hearts Window Decorations

suction cups
red paper heart doilies
white cardstock
pink cardstock
glue stick (kind used in scrapbooking)
liquid Elmer's glue pen
alphabet stickers
satin cord or yarn
1/4" wide satin or sheer ribbon (for hanging)
valentine's day stickers
We took the red paper heart shaped doilies and used a glue stick to glue them onto white cardstock. We then used scissors to cut around them. This made them sturdy as the paper doilies themselves were really flimsy and we like the white showing through the lace of the paper doily. We made our own heart pattern and cut out hearts from pink cardstock and glued them in the center of our red heart doily. We then used a liquid glue pen and glued satin cord or yarn around the edge of the cardstock heart to finish off the edges.

On the pink cardstock heart we used alphabet letters to spell out common Valentine's Day phrases and words. On a few of the hearts my grand daughter glued stickers to the center as she prefers stickers over lettering! I cut a 5" piece of satin ribbon or sheer ribbon and folded them into a hanging loop and stapled them to the heart. You can also use glue to do that, but we used hot pink staples.
After our paper hearts dried overnight, we hung them up in the windows on the front of the house using small 1 1/2" diameter suction cups. They look a lot cuter hanging in the windows than what my photos show but we love them!

A great little paper craft project to do with the kids that doesn't cost a lot of money and you probably have most if not all of the supplies around your house. Happy Valentine's Day!

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