Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY Seashell Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Project

This year I have finally put up my coastal theme Christmas tree and I am pretty excited about it. I went out and got a 5 foot pre-lit artificial tree which I just love...it looks realistic and is the perfect size for my dining room.

When we were on vacation down to the Jersey Shore back in September I found these seashells in a local shop on clearance for .15 cents each. I picked up a dozen of them at that time and now I wish I would of gotten more!

I brought them home and washed them up. I then hit each of them with a coat of clear acrylic spray sealer with a glossy finish. I sprayed one thin coat on each side and then sprinkled some iridescent glitter onto them...very fine glitter! I then left them dry.

Instead of using gold cording or satin ribbon to hang them onto my tree...I decided to use those ball & chain style key chain hangers which worked out fabulously! You can pick them up at your local craft store and I got 24 of them for only $2.00.

You could lay the glitter on them heavier than what I did but I like them with just a tad of the very fine glitter as I wanted the seashells to just be classically plain in nature...like the way they are found on the beach or floating in the water without a bunch of decorations on them.

I love having them on my coastal theme Christmas tree and think they look fabulous! Next year when we go back I am going to get some more but in different styles, sizes and shapes to add to my tree next year. A quick, easy and affordable coastal theme Christmas seashell ornament!

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