Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Scrapbooking 2 Page Zoo Scrapbook Layout Idea

A few weeks ago I was in my local scrapbooking store and they had this 2-page layout kit on clearance for $3.00. Wow, what a great deal so I picked it up. I don't use premade scrapbook layouts too often but this one I really liked as it was in a ZOO theme. Besides, for 3 bucks, you really can't beat that!

Once I got it home and out of the package, I realized how great this layout really was! After looking it over I realized that all of us can use this layout idea ourselves and replicate it easily for our other scrapbooking projects. Matter of fact, I have already used some of the design principles in the layout for a page I did featuring circus pictures.
Sometimes we struggle with new ideas so I took a photo of the premade layout to share with all of you in it's completed state. For the ZOO themed page on the right...I added nothing but my one photo. For the page on the right, I added a title block "See You Later Alligator" which I mounted onto the layout using foam dots. I added my two photos onto the premade matted spots. On the bottom of that page I added 3 cardstock stickers "Lions", "Tigers" and "Bears" as I felt the bottom needed a little more.
I decided to not do journaling on this pages as they were starting to look too busy so I saved my journaling for the next 2 pages that I completely made from scratch. I will share that layout with all of you next week. If you are looking for some free zoo theme'd scrapbooking layout ideas, you can find a ton of them right here on my blog in the scrapbooking section.

Note: You can click on the photos within this post which will enlarge them so you can see better details.

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