Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quick & Easy Fabric Ghost Craft Project for Halloween

Last weekend I finally unpacked my sewing machine and had a few hours to spend crafting & sewing. It was great to sit down and have some "me" time since I haven't had the chance to do that since we moved into our new home. With that said, I wanted to make a few new Halloween decorations and came up with this quick & easy ghost made from scraps of fabric and a few other supplies that I already had on hand.

Quick & Easy Fabric Ghost Craft Project

Scraps of white cotton fabric (fat quarter will work)
scraps of plaid print cotton fabric
2 orange buttons plus tan colored embroidery floss
fine point black and orange fabric marker
fiber fill stuffing or cotton batting shredded up
white sewing thread, scissors, sewing machine
cosmetic blush in rosy pink color
hand drawn pattern
bottle of fabric glue
fishing line

Pattern: The body is 2 pieces of fabric sewn together, seams facing out and the arms are two pieces sewn together, seams facing out. I simply just sketched out the shape I wanted for the ghost's body and the shape for his arms onto plain paper. My ghost measures 5" tall to help guide you on size. I then used this as my pattern.

I used my sewing machine to make the body first, left the bottom open, stuffed it and then sewed it shut. I then did the ghost's arms in the same manner and just tacked them to the back of the ghost with a little fabric glue. You could stitch them into place.

I used fine point fabric markers to make his face features and a little cosmetic blush for his cheeks. I cut a strip from plaid print fabric, tied it around his neck and accented it with an orange button. I cut two small fabric squares from print fabric and used fabric glue to attach them to his body along with another orange button.  I cut an 8" long piece of fishing line and threaded it through the top of his head and knotted it. This will allow you to hang him up if desired.

I made several of these ghosts varying in shape & size and have them hanging via a suction cup on my large picture window in our living room. They look adorable. I also made some black bats with green & orange eyes on a much smaller scale and they are hanging up on the window too.

Note: If you want a "cleaner" look to your Halloween can sew your fabric pieces right side together and then flip them out so no seams are visible. However, I think they look cuter with the seams showing and some fraying going on.

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