Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Free Craft Project - Frugal Tooth Fairy Drawstring Bag

My little grand daughter spends a lot of time at our home and at her other grandmother's home and she is finally at the age where she is starting to loose teeth. As grandmother's we both wanted little Tooth Fairy Bags at each of our homes so that when she loses teeth...the Tooth Fairy can leave her a present at our homes too.

A few months ago I went out and bought a really nice Tooth Fairy pillow for her which she keeps at her house. For the grandmothers we decided to make our own little frugal Tooth Fairy bags. Here is how we made them. You will only need basic sewing skills to make one.

Supplies Needed:

(2) Pieces of Fabric each measuring 4" by 6" in size
(1) Piece Satin Ribbon 1/4" by 8" in size
(1) Scrap of White Terry Cloth (old wash cloth works well)
Red Embroidery Floss & Needle
Sewing Machine & White Thread

For the tooth applique...we simply free-handed our own tooth shape and then cut it out of white terry cloth (an old wash cloth or towel). Using 3 strands of red embroidery floss, hand stitch the white terry cloth tooth to one piece of fabric (in our case, floral fabric). We did an outline stitch around the edges of the tooth and then made french knots for the eyes and hand stitched a mouth.

Fold over 1/2" on one short edge of each fabric piece to the wrong side and use your sewing machine to make a hem. You will thread the satin ribbon through there later to make the drawstring for the bag. Place the wrong sides together on your fabric pieces and machine sew three edges together (hem edges at the top) to form a bag. Once done, thread the satin ribbon throw the casing you made earlier to make the drawstrings and knot each end so that they don't pull throw the casing and don't unravel. (sorry...took the photo before we did this part so our drawstring is missing from the picture).

Your simple & frugal drawstring closure Tooth Fairy bag is done! It is big enough to hold money or a few little trinkets that the Tooth Fairy leaves behind. A great way to use up all of your little fabric scraps too!

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