Monday, July 1, 2013

4 Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Table Centerpiece Ideas

When it comes to hosting a baby shower for a new mom-to-be you don't have to spend over your budget when it comes to baby shower table centerpieces. Matter of fact, I think the best table centerpieces are ones that you (yourself) create.

Here are four great Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Table Centerpiece Ideas

* Purchase a box of wooden ABC blocks at your local toy store or baby store. Take these wooden ABC blocks and stack them up on the tables in pretty pyramid shapes. Once the baby shower is over, the new mom-to-be will have a stack of baby blocks for her new little one to play with.

* Purchase a revolving countertop spice rack that has clear glass jars (no labels on them). Fill them up with pastel colored candies, baby theme'd confetti, diaper pins, etc. You can print out your own custom baby theme'd wording and stick on label onto each filled spice jar. Add a big fluffy bow to the top and sit it on the main table at the party. Once the party is over, the new mom-to-be can keep the spice rack and use it for spices once the "decorations" have been removed.

* Purchase a few clear glass mixing bowls or cake pedestal plates. Fill them up with all kinds of things like pastel colored holiday ball shaped tree ornaments, baby confetti, pastel color candies, pastel colored marshmallows, pastel lollipops, cookies, cupcakes...all kinds of things can be used as fillers. Place them on the tables as centerpieces. Use your imagination and get creative!

* Purchase white, ivory or pastel colored pillar style candles. Print out some custom candle wrappers from online in the design, colors and wording that you would like. Wrap the labels around the candles and secure them shut with a glue dot. These are for decorative use only, when ready to burn you will need to remove the paper labels. In addition, you can purchase glass candle plates and pretty paper ruffled doilies at your local dollar store and really get creative with this idea.

When it comes to hosting a baby shower, you don't have to break the bank with party decorations. You can think outside-the-box and hit your local dollar store & craft supply store and make them yourself!