Friday, May 31, 2013

Stocking a Child's Rainy Day Arts & Crafts Activity Box

A few weeks ago I went out to my local craft supply store to purchase a whole bunch of crafting supplies that would be appropriate for a 4 year old child. My little grand daughter is finally at the age that she wants to sit down and make a variety of arts & crafts projects with me and I needed to stock up on supplies.

Here is a checklist of the basic arts & craft supplies that I purchased. I feel that all of these supplies are appropriate for preschooler's and should be in their craft supplies box. Just by having all of these supplies on hand, you can make a wide variety of craft projects...many of which are listed here on my blog in the Kid's Crafts category.

Your Shopping Checklist

1 Medium-Sized Plastic Storage Box
Construction Paper
Safety Scissors for Kids
Felt Sheets (we selected 10 different colors)
All-Purpose Craft Glue (dries clear)
Water Paints with Paint Brush
1 Pack of Magnets
Wooden Craft Sticks (look like popsicle sticks)
4 Packs of Plastic Beads
3 Bottles of Glitter Glue
Large Box of Crayons
1 Pack of Markers (wash-off style)
4 Packs of Stickers (on clearance for .50 cents a pack)
1 Pack of Printed Scrapbooking Paper (on clearance for $2.00 for 30 sheets)
1 Pack of Colored Gel Pens (clearance for $1.00)
1 Ink Pad
4 Small Rubber Stamps (2 flowers, 1 heart and a frog - clearance .50 cents each)
1 Pack of Pipe Cleaners (various colors in one pack)
1 Pack of 20 Plastic Buttons (for crafting)
8 Sheets of Crafting Foam (in primary colors - 4 sheets for $1.00)
1 Pack of Wiggle Eyes (8 sets of eyes for $1.00)
1 Bunch of Small-Sized Artificial Flowers (on clearance for .50 cents)
3 Rolls of Ribbon (.50 cents a roll)

There were a few other things that I also picked up for her arts & crafts activity box, but the list above is the majority of it. I spent under $50.00 and wanted to have all of these supplies on-hand so that I can keep her busy this summer, especially on those rainy days when she gets bored.

Just by having all of those supplies in the activity box, you can make dozens and dozens of projects! You can add to that box all kinds of things that you have laying around your house like - additional buttons, plastic bottle caps from soda bottles, fabric scraps, clean popsicle sticks, left-over computer printer paper, baby food jars, empty coffee cans, plastic containers, tissue paper, left-over gift wrap scraps and all kinds of other items!

The next time your kids get bored and need something to will be prepared and ready to go! Enjoy!

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