Sunday, January 27, 2013

Halloween Preschool Craft Project - Felt Black Cat Door Knob Hanger

My almost 4 year old grand daughter attends a local preschool and once a month I go into our preschool as a volunteer to help the kids do a craft project. These are kids ages 4 and 5 years of age. Back in early October of 2012, we sat down with the kids and made these adorable Black Cat door knob hangers or you can hang them off any knob or a peg shelf to add some Halloween decorations to your home.

This project involves NO sewing and is simply a glue together project for the kids. Here is the materials list and how we made them. The materials list gives you the supplies PER black cat.

No-Sew Felt Black Cat Door Knob Hangers

black cotton fabric with tiny white polka dots 4 1/2" by 4 1/2" piece
black felt 4" by 4 1/2" piece
bottle of quick-drying tacky glue
pinking shears scissors or regular scissors
4 1/2" black pipe cleaner
2 white buttons
1 black button
1/8" wide by 4" long orange satin ribbon
8" long piece of jute rope

We hand drew a cat outline onto a piece of paper to use as our pattern. Our cat measures approximately 4 1/4" tall by 4 1/4" wide. Trace your pattern onto the back side of the black fabric and onto the back side of your black felt. Use pinking sheers to cut out the cat shapes (adults may need to do this part). Lay the black felt cat down onto your table and use tacky glue to glue each end of the jute rope at the top of each ear. Use tacky glue to glue the pipe cleaner tail to the right side bottom of the cat. Place a thin and small amount of tacky glue around all edge of the black piece of felt and then place the black with white polka dot fabric cat on top. You are basically making a "sandwich" with the fabric, felt, jute and pipe cleaner.

Have the kids glue 2 white buttons onto the cat's face for his eyes and 1 black button onto his face for his nose. Make a bow with the orange satin ribbon and glue it onto the cat neck to add an additional accent or glue it around his neck to make a collar. Let the cat dry for an hour or two and he will then be ready to hang!

The kids really enjoyed making this project and a few days later we did it again but we made Halloween Ghosts. You can also find the directions for that here on my blog in the Halloween section. Enjoy!

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