Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crafts - Hand Painted Snowman Terra Cotta Flower Pots

A friend of mine loves to dabble in crafts, especially hand painted crafts and last week she made me this adorable hand painted snowman terra cotta flower pot! I think it is absolutely adorable!

She took a 6" terra cotta pot and painted the outside of it with navy blue acrylic paint. Once dry, she took some white textured snow paint and painted the rim with that. That textured paint really looks like snow!

She drew her snowman design onto scrap paper first and then used acrylic paints to paint her design around the sides of the flower pot. Once it was dry, she sprayed clear coat acrylic sealer around the outside of the pot and left it dry overnight.

I am going to use my new flower pot to hold some wrapped Christmas candies and some festive candy canes! I love my new pot and she said they are really easy-to-make. You could paint several of them up in one day and give them as gifts or use them to decorate your home. You could seriously paint all kinds of festive holiday designs on these pots like: peppermint candy swirls, santa, elves, Christmas flowers, reindeer or whatever holiday design that you like! Happy Holidays!

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