Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Using Archival Mist in Your Paper Crafting Projects

Are you looking for a way to add non acid-free paper items to your scrapbooks, greeting cards, invitations and altered paper art projects? If so, Archival Mist is your answer and is the perfect solution when you want to add the following objects into your scrapbooking and crafting projects:

* ticket stubs
* travel maps
* brochures & pamphlets
* newspaper clippings & articles
* school artwork and report cards from the kids
* sport programs & play programs
* copies of birth certificates or wedding licenses
* paper documents, receipts, etc.

Tip: Never use your original important documents, always make a photocopy of them first!

You can use Archival Mist in any setting, you do not need special ventilation, gloves or face masks. It is a non-toxic and safe alkaline buffer that will help to protect your non acid-free mementos from damage that occurs to paper naturally over the years. Archival Mist is specifically made for paper items, so don't mist it on metal findings, leather, fibers, lace, fabrics, etc.

To use it: Lay down a scrap piece of paper onto your work surface, do not use newspaper as the inks from the newspaper can bleed onto your paper items! Lay the item you want to mist on top of the scrap paper and hold the Archival Mist bottle a few inches away. Lightly mist the front side and let it air dry. Flip the item over and lightly mist the back side and let it air dry.

Once it is fully dry, you can use your new preserved paper piece in your scrapbooks, in cards or any other type of crafting project that you may be working on!

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