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Quilt Pattern Selection For The Beginning Quilter

Quilt Pattern Selection For The Beginning Quilter
By Nancy S Ball

Whether you are from a family where several generations before you were experienced quilters, or whether you are the first in your family to take up quilting, you have no doubt seen pictures or patterns of quilts that you would enjoy making. If your goal is to create a quilt for yourself or as a gift for a special person, pattern selection for the beginning quilter is an important step in the process. By the time your project is completed, you will have invested many hours of your precious time. Here are a few steps to follow in selecting your quilt pattern:

o Above all, select a pattern that, when made into a finished project, you would be proud to keep and display in your home or give as a gift. There are thousands of patterns from which beginning quilters may chose. Just because something looks like it would be easy enough to make, does not necessarily mean you would want to make that particular quilt.

o There are several places you can search for quilt patterns. Internet searches will help you find free patterns. Quilting magazines available at most magazine stands or fabric stores contain patterns and are more economical than purchasing an entire book. Friends or family members are usually willing to share their patterns with you.

o Quilt pattern books are a good resource and are available at most stores where fabrics are sold. These books usually also contain valuable quilting tips, instructions and easy to follow diagrams. Usually when you purchase a book, it will contain several patterns you may want to eventually use.

o For your first quilting project, it is a good idea to select a pattern with larger blocks. In addition to being easier to make, this will help you finish your project quicker. If you find you enjoy making quilts, you can advance to more complicated projects.

o If you do not have a great deal of experience in sewing, you can still create a lovely quilt. Select a pattern that has only straight seams to sew. Stay away from the ones that have curved seams or difficult corner seams to put together.

o If you are an experienced seamstress and feel confident in your sewing ability, you have a wider variety of patterns you may want to consider. Sewing together a quilt top is very similar to other sewing projects you may have completed.

o When you find a quilt pattern you like, carefully read the sewing instructions and look at the diagrams given to assure yourself that you feel confident your level of sewing experience is adequate for the project you select.

For the beginning quilter, following the few simple guidelines in pattern selection will ensure that you enjoy working on your quilt during each step of the creation process. When you tie off the last stitch of your beautiful new quilt, you will have a handmade quilt that you will be proud to display or give as a gift to a special person in your life.

The author has had many years of experience in creating handmade quilts, including pattern selection, fabric selection, piecing quilt tops, as well as hand and machine quilting. A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment awaits anyone who enters the creative world of quilting. Find quilting tips and information and the best quilting frames and supplies at

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