Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Updating our New Home with Stylish Furniture and Accessories

Two years ago my husband and I purchased an older home and then decided to rent it out. Well, our renter moved out early last month and we have decided to move into the home that we own. This is a 65 year old home and it needs a lot of work!

For the past 6 weeks we have been gutting the home and remodeling it. We are getting to the point now where I am ready to purchase us some new home accessories and furniture. I am pretty crafty and will make some things for our new home but other things I will need to purchase.

Right now we are working on our new family room which is pretty large. I want to buy some Floor Cushions and sprinkle them in the room for extra seating for the kids. I had thought about making them but once I added up all the supplies & materials I would need, I realized that it would be cheaper to just buy them.

We put one of our older sofas into the new family room but it needs updated with some new Cushion Covers and I finally found a set of covers that I really like. I think they will fit into our decor style really nicely.

I found some nice Indian Curtains which will really add some nice flavor to our family room decor and I think I will purchase 3 sets of those next. I really like the vibrant colors and the patterns that these type of high-quality curtains come in.

Once we get those things done I will be heading out to purchase a new flat panel, big-screen TV for the family room and purchase some wall furnishings for our one wall. Right now that wall is looking pretty bare and needs some sprucing up.

After this room has been completed we will be moving on to our dining room which really needs a lot of work, including a new hardwood floor.