Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do-It-Yourself Nautical and Beach Home Decor Craft Projects

I love coastal home decor and I have a lot of it in my own home. There is just something peaceful and calming when you live in a home with beautiful beach decor. Today I thought I would share a few easy craft project ideas with you to spruce up your own home if you love nautical beach decor.

In my first picture above you see a beautiful wooden photo frame/shadow box. I purchased a wooden frame aka shadow box and painted it white (2 coats of white paint). I then purchased some 1/2" by 1/2" abalone shell tiles. I simply hot glued them in a pattern around the opening of my frame (2 rows). You want to butt them up against one another and try to not leave any gaps in between them. In the top right corner is a 4x6" photo of my husband and I at the beach. I then took a star fish and 3 pretty sea shells and hot glued them inside the shadow box to add to my beach them. On the backside of this shadow box my hubby added a saw tooth hanger so I could hang it on my wall. Isn't it pretty? I think so!
The photo above shows a large vintage glass canister which I have been slowly filling up with pebbles, rocks and various sea shells that hubby and I pick up everytime we are down at the beach. I have a few pieces of sea glass in there too! One of these days I will have it completely filled up. We call it our "Beach Nature Jar" and it proudly sits on the corner of our nightstand in our guest bedroom.

I went to the dollar store a few weeks ago and purchased a clear glass star shaped candy dish or candle dish (not sure what it's true purpose was) but I filled it 1/2 way with sand that I brought home from the beach in a container and then made a nice sea shell and sea pebble arrangement on top of the sand. That peace sits on the back of our toilet in the guest bathroom. I will try to remember to take a photo of it and update this blog post with it.

If you are really crafty pick up a slew of various sized sea shells while you are walking the beach. Bring them home and wash them up. Have your hubby drill a tiny 1/8" hole into each shell and thread/knot them onto clear fishing line. You can hang them up via hooks off your deck to serve as a single or double strand windchime. I actually have a few indoors in our Florida sun room hanging up and they look super pretty. (need a photo of that one too ~ note to self).For the pen and pencil holder above this would be a great craft project to do with kids. You simply use a tin can from a can of soup and hot glue twine or rope around it. Once dry you hot glue some colored or white sea shells on the front and let it dry overnight. Great beach theme'd holder to hold your pens, pencils, makeup brushes, paint brushes or other small items.

The whole purpose of this blog post is to tell you that you can make a lot of your home decor beach accents all by yourself and you can do it for FREE, nearly free or very cheap! Enjoy!