Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nurture and Feed your Garden with Whitney Farms Organic Gardening Products

This is a partnered post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so glad that winter is finally over and now hubby and I can get back into the garden again. This year we plan on having a 100% natural and organic garden so have been on the hunt to find new organic gardening products to try out.

We were looking around online and came across Whitney Farms® organic gardening products and like what we saw on their site. They sell organic soil and organic organic plant food so that is something we will definitely need for our garden this year. In addition, they have a great money-saving $3.00 OFF coupon on their web site right now, so make sure you go over there today to claim yours!

Whitney Farms has been a leader in the gardening industry for over 25+ years now and their products are sought after by those who wish to garden organically. Their products feature:

* low to no dust
* no stinky manure smells
* contains beneficial microbes to help your plants grow and thrive
* their products are easy to use
* contains beneficial micro nutritents and macro nutritients

Last year we had several storms come through central Pennsylvania so our garden took a heavy beating. Our winter was extremely mild and dry. We want to get a head start on our gardening this year and only use top-notch gardening products so that we can bring back the "good health" that our garden once had. When it comes to eating healthy, it all begins with a healthy organic garden so that is why we are going totally organic this year when it comes to our backyard garden.

We are really hoping that this year will be the best gardening season that we ever had and will be trying hard to accomplish all of our gardening goals. We have a large family to feed so having a large and healthy garden is important to us.

Do any of you have a backyard garden? If so, what are you doing to ensure a healthy garden this year?

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