Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scrapbooking | Fun at the Petting Zoo Scrapbook Layout Idea

A few weeks ago I challenged myself to come up with a simple and easy zoo theme'd scrapbook layout that only used 2 different colors and today I am sharing that scrapbooking layout with all of you. This layout was done in the 12x12 format size.

My background is a solid color sheet of beige textured cardstock. I decided to make my own top and bottom borders. I used self-adhesive ribbon that was in a striped pattern (beige and brown) and ran one strip across the top of the page. I had a border sticker that said "Someone TOLD me it's all happening at the Zoo" and placed that onto brown cardstock and trimmed it down so only an 1/8" of an edge remained around it. I then placed it onto the bottom of my layout and used the same self adhesive ribbon that I used on the top to frame out the bottom border. I then added a 3-D embellishment of a monkey onto the bottom border to add some texture and depth.

I used 2 photos in my layout (the one on the right is one photo that was cut into two portions). I matted both photos onto beige and brown cardstock and placed them onto the page with glue dots. I used my Cricut to cut out my title of the page "The Petting Zoo". I used the size 1 setting for "The Petting" and used the size 2 setting for the word "Zoo". I used my Xyron sticker maker to layer my beige layers on top of my brown letters and then placed them onto the page.
I used the insides of the letter "O" to form the big O in my paw prints and I then used the #1 size setting on the Cricut to cut out 6 zeros. I used the insides of the zeros for the actual "paws". I used glue dots to put them onto my layout to form the 2 paw prints you see in the bottom left corner.

I used a fine tip brown marker to do my journaling around each photo (around all 4 sides). I think this layout came out great and it was very inexpensive (less than $1.50) since I primarily used cardstock and my cricut to make all of my photo frames, lettering and embellishments.