Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scrapbooking | Family Fun Time at the Zoo Scrapbook Layout

Today I am featuring for you a 12x12 scrapbook layout that I made a few weeks ago. The photos are from a recent trip that we took to the Cape May Count Zoo in New Jersey. This scrapbooking layout took me around 45 minutes to make and cost me around $3.50.

My background is a sheet of 12x12 paper that has a "tree bark" texture to it. I then made 2 border strips that each measure 3/4" by 12" in size. (mint green dots on brown paper print). I glued one strip at the top and one at the bottom of my layout. I then cut 2 more strips from solid mint green paper and each strip measures 1/4" by 12" and glued one along one edge of the previous strips. (to form top and bottom borders).

My title block is a piece of vellum that says "This Place Is A Zoo" which I framed out onto matching brown polka dot paper and solid brown cardstock. I accented the top right corner of my title block with a 3-dimensional butterfly. It is on the top right of the layout design. I slightly cropped down my bottom right photo and framed it out onto brown polka dot paper and brown cardstock. I accented the right top corner of that photo with a 3-dimensional embellishment button that says "Wild Thing" and the bottom right corner of the photo is accented with a 3-dimensional sticker of a green lizard.

I cropped down my 2 remaining photos into square shapes and matted them onto the polka dot paper and then framed them up with the brown cardstock so that I actually had a solid strip and glued that on the left side of my layout. To the left of the photos is a 3-dimensional flower. Underneath those photos are three 3-dimensional words that say "Lions", "Tigers" and "Bears". Right underneath the word "Tigers" I placed a clear adhesive backed sticker that is simply a "swirl".

In a few days I will post about the companion page that matches this one which has an additional 2 photos and my fancy dancy journaling block. I love how I off-centered my photos on this layout with the one on the right being down towards the bottom and the two on the left are placed upwards onto the page.

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