Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Start Your Scrap Booking Engines With The New Cricut Expression 2

Start Your Scrap Booking Engines With The New Cricut Expression 2
By Gregory Fish and Susan Bravero

Being a crafty person has never been simpler with the Cricut Expression 2. This handy-dandy piece of equipment has made it easy and fun to make your personal craft projects unique and personal to your vision. Being as though the Cricut Expression 2 is not the first of its kind (hence the 2) the new sleek design and the full color LCD touch screen display with stylus shows its growth with the times. Let's be honest, we don't just like things to work well we also all secretly want it to look good too.

Scrap booking can become more of a creative outlet than a hobby with the many features that the Cricut Expression 2 has to offer. But don't make the mistake of thinking that you are just limited to scrap booking because you can use this for any creative project you are doing or even add to ones that you have already done. With the Cricut the possibilities are limitless!

Unlike most new purchases you make this tool comes with two already loaded cartridges one being the Alphabet cartridge and the other being the Essentials cartridge. The Alphabet cartridge is what you will use for numbers, designs and letters giving life to anything you write. No more plain Jane letters and numbers because with the Cricut Expression 2 plain is never an option.

Now let's talk about the Essential cartridge. "Why?" you might ask? Well let me tell you, this multipurpose cartridge is really where the creative fun begins! With this cartridge you will be able to access a ton of designs, shapes and artwork that will open your mind and get those creative juices flowing so that projects can become the masterpieces you intended them to be. Features like mat preview to allow you to see before you commit. There are also material settings so that you can have your work to perfection accordingly. Also you'll have a cutting area light to help with the precise cuts you need done. There is definitely someone in the Cricut development office that is looking to please the consumer!

It always means much more when you or someone you love makes something from scratch for you because they have to put a lot of thought and energy behind it to actually sit down and create it. The Cricut Expression 2 allows anyone to open up a new way of creation. Even if you have never have tapped into your inner craftiness you can use the Expression 2 to expand your mind to what possibilities there are. And the beauty in this is the freedom you have while having the option to express yourself without the help of Hallmark or any other major manufacture.

Imagine how refreshing it is to let yourself be who you are and being able to show that self in an artistic way using the Cricut Expression 2. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our everyday lives that we don't take the time to step out of the daily routine and do something that we can truly enjoy. So stop limiting yourself and start expressing yourself --have some fun!

Susan Bravero is a power house when it comes to writing about her favorite subjects. If it can be used in your home, and give more help and fun to your life, then Susan will research it and write about it. From appliances to sewing machines and anything else domestic oriented, Susan Bravero will be finding out what its about. If you would like to learn more about the Cricut expression 2 and its many fine features, just go to the Cricut Expression 2 Website. If you want to do some scrap booking, make some greeting cards or anything artsy, then you need to check out the Cricut Expression 2.

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