Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kid's Craft Project | A Christmas Angel Your Own Little Angel Can Make

A Christmas Angel Your Own Little Angel Can Make by Denise Willms

Here is an easy Christmas craft your preschooler can make with a little help and supervision. Even if your preschooler isn’t always an angel, she can still help you decorate a Christmas tree with beautiful paper angels.

What you need:

Construction paper (any color)
Cotton ball
Items to make large and small circle patterns (plate, coin, lid)
White paper

What you do:

First, use a large circle pattern and draw a large circle on the construction paper. Cut out the circle and fold it in half. Then cut the circle in half, along the fold. Bend the half circle into a cone. Staple or glue the cone together. This will be the angel’s body.

Fold the sheet of white paper in half. Place a small circle pattern on the paper so that the edge of the circle is touching the fold. Trace the circle and cut it out. Do not cut across the fold. When you unfold the paper, you want to have two attached circles. This will be the angel’s face.

One of the small circles, draw a face. Glue a cotton ball on the other small circle for the angel’s hair. Glue the bottom of each circle to the top of the angel’s body (the cone).

Now fold another piece of construction paper in half. Draw a wing that touches the fold, so that when it’s cut out you will have two wings joined together. Cut it out, unfold and glue the wings across the angel’s back. A stapler might work better.

Decorate your angel with paper doilies, glitter, or anything else you have on hand. You can put it on top of the Christmas tree, or attach a string to the angel’s head and hang it from a branch on the Christmas tree.

Denise Willms is a homeschooling mom of two, and owner of You can find more information on homeschooling at

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