Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camping and Collecting Items From Nature to Use in Crafting

As you all know...I am a big time crafter and I love to make a variety of crafts using various different crafting supplies. With that said...I also have another love which is going out camping with my husband. He is a big outdoors person and loves to hunt, fish, hike and camp in the great outdoors...especially here in the North East.

Just recently we have been discussing purchasing a few canvas tents for the family so that when we go out hunting, fishing and camping our families can go along with us. These types of tents are fabulous for those who enjoy the outdoors sports as they are large tents that can be set up quickly and easily. They are also very easy to take down once you are done using them.

When we go out camping in the woods or near a lake I like to take some canvas bags along with me so that I can collect acorns, pinecones, dried wildflowers, wheat stalks, smooth river rocks, moss, seed pods and other goodies from nature so that I can use them in my crafting projects once I return home. It is amazing the things you can make from found objects in nature!

So the next time you are heading out to go camping...take along an empty canvas sack and collect some of the things you find outdoors while hiking, fishing and camping! Once you return home with your goodies you want to set them outside for a few days in sunshine so that they can totally dry out before you bring them indoors to use.

Have fun on your next outdoor camping trip!

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